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Wichita Rewards Current Offer(s)

FREE dessert with the purchase of a 5 or 10 serving family meal! Must display Wichita Rewards Member Card at time of purchase.


Hello Wichita Rewards Members! Nourish ICT is your healthy, sustainable, farm-to-your-table meal prep company. We use high quality ingredients that are made from scratch, organic, sourced as locally as possible, pasture raised, and full of flavor! We are gluten free, can be dairy free, and we have vegan options as well!

At Nourish ICT, we are committed to providing an environment that builds community with local partnerships between the growers & producers of our dishes served to our patrons. We support organic agriculture and biodiversity in farming. We believe we can help our local economy by supporting family farms and their earth friendly, quality goods. Local sourcing within trusted organizations lets our customers know where their food is coming from, how it is produced, and that the animals were treated humanely. Best of all, farm-fresh foods just taste better than the commercial foods, which are generally devoid of flavor, sacrificed for ease, convenience, & mass quantity production.

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