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Small-Business Partnership Program

Our 100% LOCAL, member-based marketing program drives THOUSANDS of consumers through the doors of Wichita-based businesses every year while simultaneously raising money for local Wichita schools, youth sports teams, churches, community organizations and non-profit groups.

Consumers buy our glossy, hard-plastic Wichita Rewards “Member Cards” to redeem special offers from businesses just like yours! View current participating businesses by clicking HERE.

How Does It Work?...

Our program is SIMPLE, EASY & AFFORDABLE!!!…

Step #1: 

Contact us to meet with a Wichita Rewards Representative to enroll your business, or enroll ONLINE, by clicking HERE.

Step #2:

Select your first “Special Offer” to add to our program.

Step #3:

Honor your “Special Offer(s)” to our THOUSANDS of card-carrying members.

It’s that EASY!!!

Once enrolled, our team will contact you every month to update your “Special Offer” (if desired) or, you can Contact Us to change your offer every week, or even every day!

Need more info before joining? Contact Us!

If you need more info before joining the Wichita Rewards program, please Contact Us. We’re LOCAL! One of our Wichita Rewards Representatives will answer all your questions!

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Download and print our one-sheet PDF to share with your business partners explaining everything on this page, click the image below…