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Wichita Rewards Fundraising Program

Wichita Rewards - Fundraising Wichita Rewards believes in our heart that every child in Wichita deserves the opportunity to explore their gifts and talents regardless of the “costs” associated with their activities. We also believe that every Wichita non-profit group deserves to meet their goals.

Whether a single child needs money for a musical instrument, or an entire football team needs money for equipment and tournament fees, or a church group needs to fund a mission trip, Wichita Rewards wants to help provide an equal opportunity for Wichita to learn, grow & succeed… regardless of cost!

Wichita Rewards - Fundraising 2What we do…

Wichita Rewards is a large group of LOCAL Wichita businesses that LOVE supporting our LOCAL community. The businesses involved with Wichita Rewards offer fantastic special offers to anyone that presents a Wichita Rewards Member Card. This is where YOU and YOUR GROUP come in…

Wichita Rewards will supply YOUR GROUP with 10-25,000 Wichita Rewards Member Cards with NO UP-FRONT FEE (optional). Then, your team, group or organization will sell our Member Cards to family and friends. Your team or group will keep the majority of the profits from the sales of the cards… it’s that EASY!

The Wichita Rewards program allows individuals, students, entire schools, teams, churches & community organizations the ability to generate the funds they sometimes desperately require to begin, continue, or enhance their programs… ensuring that NO ONE is left behind and every non-profit meets their goals!!!

The Wichita Rewards program SUCCEEDS because we are a group of LOCAL businesses taking care of LOCAL community needs!

Get the funds you need TODAY… in 3 EASY STEPS!!!…

– Step #1 –
Wichita Rewards will provide your organization with enough Member Cards to reach your fundraising goals. (OPTIONAL NO UP FRONT COST!)

– Step #2 – 
Your organization will sell as many Wichita Rewards Member Cards as possible to family, friends & acquaintances.

– #3 – 
Your organization KEEPS the MAJORITY of the money!… it’s that EASY!!!

To learn more about our program and start raising money TODAY, send us an EMAIL by clicking HERE.

Get started NOW!

2022-23 Wichita Rewards Member Cards are available ONLINE!!!...