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Influencer & Brand Ambassador Monetization Program

Wichita Rewards - PAGE - Social Media InfluencersYou’ve worked HARD to build a great following on social media. Isn’t it time you should get REWARDED?

Wichita is fortunate enough to have a thriving community of LOCAL Influencers that include world-class food bloggers, video game streamers, lifestyle bloggers, small business reviewers, automotive enthusiasts and others! 

Most Wichita Influencers have two things in common… 

        1. They love what they DO, and
        2. They love WICHITA!!!

Wichita Rewards is offering the opportunity for Wichita Influencers like YOU to #SupportLOCAL while MONETIZING your audiences at the same time!

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Through the sale of our Wichita Rewards Member Cards, you’ll earn HEFTY commissions every time one of your followers buys a Wichita Rewards Member Card on our site!!!

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If you are a Wichita Influencer that has 1,000+ followers on any single social media platform, Wichita Rewards would love to have your help in supporting and promoting the LOCAL Wichita community, and we’re willing to PAY you for your help!    

How It Works...

    1. CHOOSE your PROMO CODE.
      Using the form below, enter the preferred promo code your followers will use at checkout when they make a purchase on our site.
        • Examples: “ICTGUY” or “ICTFOODIE” or “WICHITADAD”

    2. PROMOTE!!!
      When we’ve confirmed your promo code (within 72hrs), you can begin sharing your code with your audiences to start earning money. When someone uses your code to purchase one of our Member Cards, they will receive a 25% OFF discount AND you’ll receive 50% commission on all completed sales that use your promo code! Yes, 50% (that’s $7.50 per card)!!!

    3. COLLECT!!!
      We’ll deposit your earnings on a monthly basis directly into your PayPal account once your balance reaches $50.  


Ready to get started making money today? Fill out the short form below and we’ll reply within 72hrs. Do you have questions about our program? Use the form below and we’ll reply!

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