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Part-Time Promotional Representative

Wichita Rewards is looking for a few people to join our Promotions Team.

Our Promotions Team attends LIVE events within the Greater Wichita Metro Area including conventions, trade shows, farm and art markets and others. Our Promotional Representatives accomplish several tasks:

  • Promote the Wichita Rewards program.
  • Explain the details of the Wichita Rewards program to interested individuals.
  • Sell Wichita Rewards Member Cards.
  • Give away Wichita Rewards Member Cards and other promotional items.
  • Gather email addresses and other demographic data from event attendees using a company-supplied iPad.

The individuals we prefer to employ as Promotional Representatives are presentable, outgoing, well-spoken, and are not afraid to make eye contact and smile when speaking to event attendees. There are no lifting requirements for this position making it suitable for anyone with mild disabilities, providing that applicant can occasionally traverse at worst, grassy “city park” terrain. 

Pay for this position is $12@hr base, with stacked bonuses for gathering demographic data. Promotional Representatives can expect to work 5-10 hours a week.  

If you’re interested in applying to join our Promotions Team, fill out the form below and include a message about why you think you’d be perfect for our team. You can impress us by attaching a resume, though one is not required for this position.