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Part/Full Time Sales & Marketing Representative

Wichita Rewards is looking for a few individuals to join our Sales & Marketing team.

Our Sales & Marketing team provides small businesses with affordable marketing solutions that drive consumers directly through the front doors of Wichita retailers.

Wichita Rewards provides small business owners with real-world, brick & mortar consumer traffic that is measurable and quantifiable. Our programs also deliver business owners with data that cannot be gathered via traditional forms of advertising such as television, radio, and print.

Our products, program and solutions take less than 10 minutes to explain to business owners and cost less than $1 a day. It is not uncommon for members of our Sales & Marketing Team to make 5+ sales in one day. Our product is well designed, extremely functional, easy to sell, affordable, and delivers results that small business owners can’t get anywhere else.

In addition to offering marketing solutions, our Sales & Marketing team also provides lucrative fundraising opportunities to Wichita based non-profit groups, schools, sports teams, churches, and community organizations. Our fundraising programs provide the opportunity to raise MASSIVE amounts of money for non-profit groups with a fun, innovative product.

Whether Wichita Rewards is helping local small businesses thrive, or helping non-profit groups reach their fundraising goals… our team at Wichita Rewards is helping to build a better, more LOCAL Wichita.

The position we are looking to fill is very straight forward. Training you for this position will take less than one day. Once you’re comfortable with the simple details of our products and programs, it will be up to you to decide how much time you invest each day and how much money you want to earn every year. Our company is local to Wichita and we know firsthand how hard it can be to find a job that pays well and at the same time, is ENJOYABLE! This position will allow you to sell HOW you want and WHEN you want.

A few more details about this position…

  • This a 1099 commission-only position though don’t let that scare you. Our products are very easy to sell and are priced extremely affordably.
  • A motivated individual can make an extra $50k a year with this position. An EXTREMELY motivated individual can make $100K+. 
  • Commissions are paid out weekly. If you make a sale this week, you’ll be paid this week.
  • The sales presentations you’ll be making take less than 10 minutes and can even be done over email or telephone.
  • You can operate as a Wichita Rewards Sales Representative WHEN you want, HOW you want, without being required to punch a timeclock or check in with us daily.
  • You can join our team part-time. Some of our best sales representatives are already-successful sales professionals with full-time jobs as realtors, automotive sales reps, retail store sales reps, etc..

This is a fantastic opportunity for motivated individuals with un unrelenting drive for success. If you would like to be a part of Wichita’s fastest growing member-based marketing group, we invite you to send us your contact information, cover letter and resume using the form below.