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Wichita Rewards Member Card – USD259 FUNDRAISER


Wichita Rewards makes it EASY & CONVENIENT to support your local USD259 school when you purchase your Wichita Rewards Member Card! Using the dropdown menu below, select the USD259 school you’d like to support and we’ll DONATE 50% of your purchase directly to your school of choice!
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Purchase a Wichita Rewards Member Card
& Your School Will Receive 50% of Your Total Purchase!!!

Your 2022/23 Wichita Rewards Member Card provides HUNDREDS of opportunities to save THOUSANDS of dollars throughout the year at LOCAL Wichita restaurants, retailers, service providers and more! View current participating businesses by clicking HERE.

2022/23 Member Cards expire 12/31/2023.

Your durable, credit-card style, hard plastic Member Card will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase directly to your door.

#SupportLOCAL and become a member of Wichita Rewards TODAY and SUPPORT your school!

Thank you for supporting YOUR SCHOOL the LOCAL small businesses of Wichita!

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Which Greater Wichita area school are you supporting?

Adams Elementary, Allen Elementary, Allison Middle School, Anderson Elementary, Beech Elementary, Benton Elementary, Black Elementary, Bostic Elementary, Brooks Middle School, Buckner Elementary, Caldwell Elementary, Cessna Elementary, Chisholm Trail, Christa McAuliffe K-8, Clark Elementary, Cleaveland Elementary, Cloud Elementary, Coleman Middle School, College Hill Elementary, Colvin Elementary, Curtis Middle School, Dodge Elementary, Earhart Elementary, East High School, Enders Elementary, Enterprise Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Gammon Elementary, Gardiner Elementary, Gordon Parks K-8, Greiffenstein-Wells Middle School, Griffith Elementary, Hadley Middle School, Hamilton Middle School, Harry Street Elementary, Heights High School, Horace Mann K-8, Hyde Elementary, Irving Elementary, Isely Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Jardine Middle School, Jefferson Elementary, Kelly Elementary, Kensler Elementary, L'Ouverture Elementary, Lawrence Elementary, Linwood Elementary, Marshall Middle School, Mayberry Middle School, McCollom Elementary, McLean Elementary, Mead Middle School, Minneha Elementary, Mueller Elementary, North High School, Northeast High School, Northwest High School, OK Elementary, Ortiz Elementary, Park Elementary, Payne Elementary, Peterson Elementary, Pleasant Valley Elementary, Pleasant Valley Middle School, Price-Harris Elementary, Riverside Elementary, Robinson Middle School, Seltzer Elementary, South High SChool, Southeast High School, Spaght Elementary, Stanley Elementary, Stucky Middle School, Test Elementary, Truesdell Middle School, Washington Elementary, West High School, White Elementary, Wichita Alternative High School, Wilbur Middle School, Woodland Elementary, Woodman Elementary