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The BEST Advertising in Wichita, KS is LOCAL Advertising

The average Wichita small business owner receives close to a dozen calls every week from representatives of media companies trying to sell some form of advertising including radio stations, television stations, internet streaming networks, billboards, online display ads and hundreds of other advertising methods that exist. So… which form of advertising is BEST for small businesses in Wichita? The answer is… LOCAL!

What tastes better? A quickly cooked Papa John’s pizza? Or, would you rather eat a golden-brown-crusted slice of cheesy heaven from one of 4 Knolla’s Pizza locations in Wichita? Local often simply means… better. The same is true with advertising for your small Wichita-based business.

Wichita has a THRIVING ecosystem of locally owned media outlets as well as local “influencers” that can potentially provide your small business with a LARGER audience reach and MORE return on investment than traditional corporately owned media conglomerates. Remember, when you spend your Wichita advertising dollars LOCALLY, the money STAYS in Wichita!!!

Let’s look at Wichita’s BEST choices in local advertising options…

ATTENTION!!!! Every single person on the list below is a LOCAL Wichita business owner, just like YOU! Every organization included on this list LOVES to support Wichita… and YOUR business is a part of Wichita! You won’t experience any “hard selling” by any of the people on this list, so give them a call!

Wichita Rewards

What? You didn’t expect us to be #1 on our own blog??? For less than $1 a day, local small businesses can enroll in our program and reach THOUSANDS of Wichita Rewards card-carrying members. Our program is simple, affordable, and provides a measurable and quantifiable return on investment to our advertisers. Want more info about our program? Contact us. Ready to enroll your business in our program NOW? Click here. But enough about us, let’s look at our friends…

Digital billboards have taken over Wichita!!! Luckily, Wichita entrepreneur (and all-around nicest-person-that-has-ever-lived) Elizabeth Farha and her husband Sam control a MASSIVE amount of inventory throughout Wichita with Midwest Billboards. Elizabeth and Sam have supported local businesses for years and show no SIGNS (see what we did there?) of slowing down in 2022 and beyond. Midwest Billboards has the BEST rates on local digital billboards and often has “special deals” for new accounts! Don’t automatically lump digital billboards into the category of “expensive” advertising. Book an appointment with Elizabeth and Sam to chat about your budget, they love working with LOCALS! Make sure to mention Midwest Billboard’s special offer here on Wichita Rewards to save some cash!

Does this guy even need an introduction?!?! Wichita By E.B. is a one-man wrecking crew of Wichita-related content and has amassed over 60,000 local followers between just Facebook and Instagram alone! For close to a decade, E.B. has been getting the jump on local corporate news outlets by breaking important news and information about the Wichita community BEFORE other outlets can get to it! Somehow, E.B. keeps us all informed while he also reviews dozens of local Wichita-based businesses each month WHILE holding down a full-time day job! The busiest man in Wichita, for sure!

While we don’t know exactly how many pageviews Eddy’s blog receives each month, it must be a LOT with over 60,000 faithful followers clicking multiple articles each month! E.B. is an all-around great human being that truly wants the BEST for Wichita! If you’d like to reach a local ONLINE audience, Wichita By E.B. is a fantastic option.

If you live in Wichita and have had an internet connection anytime in the last decade, you’re aware of the “Wichita Mom blog”. Local owner Angela Green, along with her large roster of awesome local talent, have amassed over 50,000 loyal and dedicated followers. In addition to maintaining a world-class website, Wichita Mom attends and organizes local live events that present an additional opportunity for advertisers as well.

Wichita Mom is passionate about parenting and the Wichita community. Angela and her team strive to connect area moms to relevant resources, local businesses, can’t-miss happenings, and most of all — each other! Wichita Mom delivers content and resources that are current and relevant to Wichita families. If you’re trying to reach a faithful, family-based audience, Wichita Mom is a great option for your advertising budget.

With over 50,000 copies being delivered in print/digital each month, SPLURGE! Magazine has become THE leader in the Wichita print community. Over the last decade, SPLURGE! Magazine has covered all the fashion, flavors, experiences, people, and places that make Wichita unique. SPLURGE! is the highest quality, locally produced publication in the Wichita area with glossy covers and full-color advertising on every page. Local SPLURGE! owners Dr. Terry and Jody Klein are long-time supporters of all-things-local in Wichita and the advertising packages offered to local businesses by SPLURGE! reflect it. If you’d like to connect with an up-scale audience that is fiercely local, SPLURGE! is a great option for your advertising dollars.

Carolyn Erickson and her incredible team at Wichita On The Cheap have built a treasured resource for Wichita. With over 1,000,000 annual pageviews, Wichita On The Cheap followers are always looking for things to do, and they’re always ready to spend their money on great deals. If you are looking for affordable, effective online advertising… look no further than Wichita On The Cheap.

If you live in Wichita and have Instagram installed on your phone… there is a 99.9% chance that you’ve heard of Wichita Life ICT. Local owners Landon Huslig and his wife Candace have created nothing short of a local social media whirlwind with over 40,000 combined social media followers, reliable weekly emails that reach THOUSANDS of Wichitans, and a Wichita-centered podcast distributed through multiple platforms. Landon and Candace work very hard to allow Wichita Life ICT to amplify Wichita through all forms of digital media. If you want to reach a hip, current, trend-relevant audience that also cares about the Wichita community… Wichita Life ICT is where you’ll want to spend your advertising dollars.    

Do you know of another local media outlet that we should add to our list? Contact us by clicking here.