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Why Wichita Rewards Strives to Support Area Non-Profit Groups… and Why You Should Too!

Wichita Rewards is proud to support many local non-profit and charity groups in Wichita, Kansas. We know these organizations often lack the funding they need to thrive and they are always looking for ways to make a difference in the Wichita community. We also know however, that people (and small businesses) have limited time and resources and it can sometimes feel impossible to give to every cause we believe in. Thankfully, supporting your favorite Wichita-based non-profit group, charity, or community organization doesn’t have to be expensive, or time consuming.  

Why does Wichita Rewards support local Wichita nonprofits & charities?

Simple. Wichita Rewards supports non-profit and charity groups because we care about the world around us in Wichita. The countless local non-profit groups in our area not only help the PEOPLE of Wichita, but they also support and protect the environment, animals, plants, and countless other causes that are often forgotten, but make Wichita the beautiful city it is. Because of our support, these groups will be able to do even more good around Wichita. We all have a responsibility to take care of Wichita for future generations!

What does Wichita Rewards do to help local nonprofits and charities?

Wichita Rewards provides the easiest and quickest way for local Wichita-based non-profit groups, sports teams, churches and community organizations to raise money. Our program is simple and takes less than 30 days for most organizations to reach their goals. Each year, Wichita Rewards helps raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Wichita area. The best part about fundraising with Wichita Rewards however, is the fact that our program is LOCAL, which means more money stays right here in the Wichita community!

What can YOU do to help local nonprofits and charities?

Supporting your favorite nonprofit or charity doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time. Many people don’t realize that even as little as $5 or $10 dollars can make a huge impact in our community. Wichita has more than a handful of “large” nonprofit groups like the Kansas Humane Society, the Kansas Food Bank and others that accomplish “impossible” tasks each year. However, you should never forget the “smaller” charitable organizations in Wichita that make a HUGE difference in our community. Organizations like the Downtown Senior Center provide a much needed service to ICT, and they do it very well. Even “unofficial” groups like Wichita’s “SoupGroup&PastaPeople” group on Facebook can perform miracles for our homeless community with as little as $20!  

Wichita Rewards makes it EASY to GIVE!

Wichita Rewards makes it easy for you to support the Wichita community by purchasing your Wichita Rewards Member Card directly through your favorite nonprofit group, or by purchasing your Member Card online while using your favorite nonprofits coupon code listed by clicking HERE.

If your favorite Wichita-based charity or nonprofit group doesn’t currently sell Wichita Rewards Member Cards, tell them to contact us to start raising more money to reach their fundraising goals.