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Top 5 Reasons to shop LOCAL in Wichita


Local Wichita businesses are both an essential part of your community and an important functioning part of Wichita that deserve not just your respect but also your patronage. In this article, we break down the top 5 reasons you should shop at LOCAL Wichita businesses.

1) LOCAL business is BETTER for Wichita than BIG business!

Shopping at LOCAL Wichita businesses allows you to DIRECTLY support the local Wichita community. When you shop at big box stores like Wal-Mart or Target, your money leaves Wichita and never returns! When you shop LOCAL, your money is circulated back into our LOCAL economy where it will be spent locally again and again. Think about it… when is the last time a major corporate giant like Wal-Mart offered to sponsor your child’s sports team? NEVER!

2) LOCAL small businesses offer better jobs!

Whether a teenager at a first job, or a single mother building her career, Wichita small businesses take care of their employees because Wichita small business owners know they are hiring someone’s son, daughter, mother or father. Small business employers often treat their employees with more respect than major corporate giants who view their employees as nothing more than a “worker”.  

3) You KNOW the owners running your local small businesses!

Unlike when you shop at huge box stores like Wal-Mart & Target, when you shop LOCAL, the owners of Wichita’s small businesses know that YOU are local too! That means they have a vested interest in making sure you are HAPPY & SATISFIED because they want to see you return to their store! Often, small business owners choose to man their own stores, meaning they make personal connections with their customers!

4) You SUPPORT the economic WELL-BEING of Wichita!

Shopping LOCAL is a powerful economic driver as your money is injected directly back into the local economy. Spending your money with LOCAL Wichita small businesses allows those businesses to innovate, grow, and ultimately provide you and everyone else in Wichita with BETTER products and services that constantly evolve.

5) Local businesses CARE about YOU!

Wichita small business owners know they owe everything to the Wichita community that supports them! Without YOU, they wouldn’t have any business at all! Wichita small business owners are often willing to show their gratitude by giving back to their customers through special pricing, loyalty programs, giveaways, and special programs like Wichita Rewards!


Whether buying a tasty meal for dinner at College Hill Deli on E. Douglas, or shopping for gifts at Lucinda’s in Old Town Square, shopping LOCAL is a choice we should all try to make to better the Wichita community as a whole!

Need some ideas where to spend your money LOCALLY… click HERE to view the business listed in our Wichita Rewards program!